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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use An Insurance Broker?

Using an insurance broker is important when looking to protect your risks and exposures. We have access to a large number of insurers and are able to provide you with the right advice at the right cost to have you protected. When dealing with a “direct” insurer, although at times their premiums may be cheaper, you may be missing something in the fine print which can ultimately harm you in the event of a claim. And in the event of a claim, you will be.

Do you provide Life Insurance?

Although Pat does have the qualifications to provide Life Insurance, this is not something we are offering. We do have a close relationship with a Financial Planner who will be able to assist you so please let us know if you would like us to pass on your information.

How can I pay my Premiums?

We offer two options for paying your premiums. You are able to pay your premium in a one-off annual premium which must be paid within 30 days Premium funding gives us the option to pay the premium on a 12-month basis and use third parties to facilitate this. There is interest charged but we do have access to a variety of different funders and always look to provide you with the most competitive rates. Also, for businesses, the interest is tax deductible.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim can be made easy. Most of the time, we request a claim form filled out (this can be downloaded from our make a claim page) to capture the full nature of the event. We will then use this to lodge a claim with the insurer in a timely manner and manage the claim for you from start to finish.